Our History

Purple Cane Road Root Beer is bottled in La Vista, Nebraska. We are located at 13595 Giles Rd La Vista, NE 68138. Phone: (402) 895-2774. We are only open by appointment as we do not keep regular business hours. Please call ahead to ensure that you meet us there!

We are a small family business who enjoyed Purple Cane Road Root Beer so much we bought the business. Purple Cane Road Root Beer has a nostalgic heritage; we bought the business from a gentleman in Iowa, whose grandfather built the church on the front label of the bottle. This church was built in Purple Cane Nebraska. The only thing left of Purple Cane Nebraska today is the cemetery. People that remember Purple Cane tell us the church on the bottle is a replica of the one that used to stand in Purple Cane. We have owned the business for six years and what a fun and learning experience it has been!