Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do we sell/rent kegs for parties?
A: For people that live in the Omaha metro area we do sell kegs for parites. We require a deposit, which is refundable when the keg is picked up at the end of the party. A keg is $100 with a refundable $140 deposit.

Q: Does your root beer make good root beer floats?

Our root beer makes the best root beer floats!!  It is more creamy and less carbonated than other root beers which provides a smooth taste.

It can even be put in a blender with ice cream and milk, making a refreshing root beer freeze!

Q: How is Root Beer Made?

Root beer can be made in many different ways.  Originally, the sassafras root was brewed like a tea to make an extract, but now it is much easier to buy the extract ready-made.

One way is to mix the root beer extract with sugar, yeast and water. If this mixture is placed in a tightly sealed bottle, the yeast will generate carbon dioxide at a high enough pressure to carbonate the water. You end up with fizzy, delicious root beer!

Q: What is Purple Cane Road?

The name, Purple Cane Road Root Beer, originated from a town in Nebraska named Purple Cane.  Located west of North Bend, NE, all that is left of Purple Cane today is the cemetary.  Purple Cane was named for the purple cane flower that grows in the area.

The church on the front of the bottle was built by the grandfather of the founder of Purple Cane Road Root Beer.

Q: What sizes of Root Beer do we sell?

Currently, we have one bottle size of root beer.  That is a 750 ml, wine bottle.  In the summer we sell at the Omaha Farmers market, where we sell the root beer by the glass.

There is about 3 eight ounce glasses of root beer in one bottle of root beer.

Q: Where can I get your root beer?

You can order our root beer online or stop by our store by appointment only as we do not keep normal business hours.  If you live in the Omaha Metro area the following stores carry our root beer: Summer Kitchen, Trees & Shrubs, Rock Store (in Gretna, at Nebraska Crossing outlet mall), HyVee at Shadow Lake, Tomato-Tomato, the Omaha Visitors Centers and the Nebraska at the Market store downtown Omaha.  Billy Blues Bar & Grill at Creighton University has our root beer on tap and recently Kuper Farms in Norfolk, NE picked up our rootbeer.

Q: Where does it come from?

Our root beer is brewed for us in Amana, Iowa.  We bring it back in kegs and then bottle it.

Q: Why are your shipping prices so high?

Our shipping prices are high because the bottles are heavy, thus making them more expensive to ship.  It is actually more economical to ship 6-12 bottles of root beer rather than a single bottle. 

Packaging varies on the type of product bought.  A single bottle comes in a tube with bubble wrap and a 12 pack comes in a styrofoam wine shipper.

We use FedEx and occasionally the US Postal Service to ship our root beer. 

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